Nina Conti: In Therapy
  • By Lynn Rusk
  • |
  • 28th Aug 2017
  • |
  • ★★★★★

Nina Conti’s In Therapy is a hysterical and intelligent piece of improvised comedy that plays with the idea of what would happen if we actually said our uncensored thoughts out loud. Nina uses skilful ventriloquism and her puppet Monkey to deliver this entirely improvised show.

Nina Conti is a legend amongst women and a very likeable and talented entertainer.

The show is set in a therapist’s office where Nina goes to seek help from her unconventional therapist played by the wonderful Adam Meggido. Nina asks if it’s alright if her puppet Monkey can join in. Monkey voices her most honest, uncensored and filthiest thoughts but the ironic thing is that people actually like Monkey more than her. There is such a wonderful chemistry and tension between Conti and Meggido. He tries to maintain his professional demeanour while she or should I say Monkey comes out with outrageous statements like 'Do you desire me'. Meggido grows simultaneously more uncomfortable yet more drawn to Nina’s seductive charm as the sessions go on. Nina sits like a misbehaved school girl enjoying the discomfort she is causing.

Each therapy session is punctuated by interludes of classical music. The struggle between Nina and her alter ego Monkey is played out in a witty but sensitive and thought provoking manner throughout the performance. I found the bluntness and honesty of Monkey very powerful as he/she/it (?) asks Meggido questions like ‘How long will it take till I get happier?’ As the show progresses Meggido develops his own monkey voice which he describes as an unusual form of counter-transference.

This is a clever, witty and unique show that celebrates female quirkiness and boldness and explores mental health issues in an intelligent and thought provoking way. I left the show in awe of Conti’s intellect and powers of seduction and felt inspired to be bolder in my everyday life. Nina Conti is a legend amongst women and a very likeable and talented entertainer. 

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The Blurb

Nina Conti seeks the help of an unconventional therapist. Wanting to be liked all her life, Nina has sequestered her honest, uncensored and filthiest thoughts into the mouth of her monkey, and the irony now is that people like Monkey more than her. Will Nina find her voice again? Or will Monkey take over? A hilarious, subversive and completely unethical therapy session, improvised daily by Nina Conti and Adam Meggido. Praise for Nina Conti: 'Devastatingly witty' **** ([i[Times). Adam Megiddo is the Olivier award winning creator of Showstopper The Improvised Musical.