Night + Daze

Sheffy is a lad on a mission. He is going to have a top night out and nothing is going to stop him. He is 25-years-old: slick, mouthy and lucky to be alive. We hit 6pm on a Friday and he explodes out of the office in search of "the other world", that perfect night out.

A cleverly written and well-performed manifesto urging you to make the most of the time you have.

As he swaggers around stage, swigging Corona, Sheffy could quite easily be put in a box as a certain type of person and, indeed, he dares you to do just that. However, despite the spitting, the swearing and the glorification of Nuts, Sheffy is here to defy your expectations. With a first class degree in theology and the ability to quote Shakespeare and Sartre, Sheffy delivers his story, part spoken word and part poetry, with articulate coherency and brazen bravado. With proclamations such as "like all dreamers, I mistook enchantment for truth" alongside slogans like "all things in moderation: drink, drugs, PlayStation", Sheffy is a complex man.

This is in-your-face direct address with nothing held back. As he trips through rhythm and rhyme, he paints a colourful picture of his world. It's rich with references to techno and meth, football and Adidas, with idols from James Dean to Alexander the Great. However, Night + Daze is also a fitting social commentary with underhand political observations, such as his desire to enjoy "the party you actually elected". Sheffy is a lad and he is honourable, noble and proud.

Lee Bainbridge plays Sheffy and is clear, energetic and powerful. Bainbridge's side-kick is Ella Daley, who plays Sheffy's co-workers, bouncers and drug dealers with sky-high energy and impressive flexibility. Most importantly, she plays Sheffy's Angel, the beautiful, sassy stranger he spends his night hoping to bump into. The rapid character changes rely on exaggerated physicalities from Daley, some of which are confusing or distracting, and it makes little sense for her to be used as little as she is.

As intricate and witty as this piece is, being sworn at and challenged for an hour can feel a bit alienating and Sheffy's proclamations and justifications become repetitive. However, this is a cleverly written and well-performed manifesto urging you to make the most of the time you have and - despite the challenges people place on you - not to take life too seriously. 

Reviews by Cara Ballingall

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The Blurb

A wild night out for a top lad on a mission, to party hard and catch a girl from heaven! Join Sheffy on a trip to another world, full of idiots, stimulants, booze and birds. Night + Daze is a new play for anyone who's ever had a big night out. It's a coming-of-age story about a lad that's mad for it. Through the city streets and nightclub beats, watch the madness and the mayhem unfold. Hilarious, rebellious and provocative, Night + Daze explores the beauty of youth on a night out you'll never forget!