Nick Mohammed is Mr Swallow

'It’s going to be an interesting show!' Nick Mohammed trills as we enter the auditorium, holding up the glass of whisky he just sent an audience member to buy for him. And so it proves. Before the hour is out, the comic’s alter-ego Mr Swallow has us singing along with his shopping list, having regaled us meanwhile with a startling libretto set to the Jurassic Park theme tune, lambasted us for our collective racism through a particularly inspired use of Powerpoint, and – most impressively – memorised a pack of cards. The show is ostensibly an instructional lecture about how to improve your memory, but this ultimately acts as a framework for a series of hilarious tangents, such as a manically pedantic rant about the inconsistency of nursery rhymes. Mr Swallow’s idea of audience interaction is sending one woman to stand in for his technician, and three guys to hold up his keyboard as he plays it, but it is testament to his wit and charm that we happily go along with it. Nick Mohammed is clearly an intelligent man and a shrewd comedian, and his sophisticated material has even more impact when delivered through the endearingly gauche character of Mr Swallow. He has immersed himself in this persona, which has featured in a number of his previous Edinburgh shows, so that every mannerism and malapropism has been finely tuned for maximum hilarity - the result is a very clever and entertaining hour of character comedy.

The Blurb

All-new character comedy from star of Radio 4's 'Quarters', BBC3's 'The King is Dead' and BBC1's 'Reggie Perrin'. Critic's Choice: Times, Guardian, Independent, Time Out. **** (List). **** (Independent). Total sell-out 2008/09.