Nick Hall: Helmet

Nick Hall: Helmet is a splice of easy going, bittersweet stand-up from a man in his early thirties re-evaluating his life. Hall talks about cycling, the MI6, a regrettable stag do and the lamenting of a failed love affair.

A splice of easy going.

Hall has a winning personality and works through his skit with an air of geeky self-deprecating charm and there’s a good amount of wordplay and inventiveness with some nice punchlines. Everyone talks about the midlife crisis. But what about the one before that - from childhood to being a grown up, and when you can no longer really be considered young anymore? This is what Hall really explores in Helmet.

This show is primarily about (and for) the ‘beaten down’, ‘down on their luck’, ‘where the hell am I?’ and ‘Why did she leave me?’ kind of guy. It’s relatable to men around the 30 years mark, not so much for others. However, there’s enough humour to get good amounts of smiles and giggles from most people. It’s just rather safe and could be edgier. But then again, it’s quite refreshing to see a comedian who is mostly inoffensive.

It’s light entertainment that verges on deeper sentiment but doesn’t reach quite as far as Hall might have hoped. Hall is a fine comedian, he just needs to develop his craft. It’s worth seeing if you’re free and nearby and it’s easy-going and accessible comedy with just enough to make it interesting and fun for most audiences. 

Reviews by Dave House

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Nick Hall from hit sketch act The Three Englishmen, ‘Impossible not to be won over' (, is back at the Fringe with a brand new show. What a helmet. 'Brilliant' (Times). ‘Side-splittingly funny’ ***** (ThreeWeeks). ‘Crackingly original’ **** (List). ‘One not to miss’ **** (Skinny). ‘Mad cap energy’ **** ( As seen on BBC2, BBC3, and BBC Radio 4. Star of cult movie night Hot Tub Cinema and hit football show Comedy Commentary.