Nick Cody: Come Get Some!

Come Get Some! is a rather energetic title, as titles go, but its excitement about Nick Cody is absolutely justified. Cody himself, by contrast, is insouciance incarnate: spending an hour in his company is like listening to a hilarious, Aussie mate down the pub telling some (very, very) funny stories.

Cody’s a master storyteller en route to being one of the biggest names out there.

Don’t be fooled by his laidback larrikin charm: there is a powerhouse comedic intellect operating behind the scenes. Every deft turn of phrase, every perfect-length pause seemed natural and spontaneous — utterly effortless, in fact; but all are carefully choreographed details in Cody’s balletic comedic performance. Each moment is tightly written and faultlessly delivered, his timing impeccable, his frequent callbacks precisely planted and skilfully deployed: within thirty seconds of starting, he had established a wordless running joke that was unreasonably funny for the entire show. That’s craft.

It’s worth emphasising, however, that none of this hard work is evident in the moment. I have never before seen a comic who is as delightfully relaxed, as consistently effortless as Cody. He is sensationally good, a chilled force of nature whose formidable comic power is only magnified by his easy charm. His command of the room, too, was masterful: there was rarely a moment without laughter, and, when there was, you could be sure he was building to something even funnier.

Though only 29 years old, Cody has been taking Australia by storm for years, and this, his second appearance at the Fringe, is confirmation that it’s only a matter of a time before that enviably well-groomed beard is everywhere. Cody’s a master storyteller en route to being one of the biggest names out there.

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The Blurb

Nick’s mammoth breakout last year made him one of the 10 best reviewed shows of the festival! He’s tour support for Jim Jefferies and Bill Burr, and a killer headliner in his own right, with a sold out Australia tour and playing packed houses in NY, LA, Singapore, Malaysia and Johannesburg. He is now back with a hilarious new stand-up show. No gimmicks, just an hour of proper stand up. Come. Get. Some. ‘Supremely good stand-up’ **** (Scotsman). ‘Go see my mate Nick Cody. Trust me!’ (Jim Jefferies).