NewsRevue 2015

2015 has surely been a bumper crop for satire. We're barely into August and we've had an election with crazy plot twists, economic overhaul and royal arrivals. NewsRevue 2015 takes these circumstances (among others) and runs with them, turning the headlines into an incredibly slick sketch show.

The one-liners in between sketches throw a hefty punch and tackle some of the more controversial current affairs brilliantly.

It opens with a brilliant number on the Greek economic climate, and it's clear from the off that NewsRevue take no prisoners in their scathing interpretation of the year in review. It's entirely irreverent towards all the right people, Tories and Fox News proving particularly brilliant punching bags. The musical numbers are NewsRevue's forte, with the highlight being the incredibly versatile Simon Prag's turn as Nicola Sturgeon. It's a Disney send off which hits all the right notes, melodically and comically, and received rightly raucous applause from the audience. Katriona Perrett also delivers an amazing rap break in the most unexpected of places, making for a brilliant gem of an Eminem parody.

The one-liners in between sketches throw a hefty punch and tackle some of the more controversial current affairs brilliantly. Some of the longer sketches do tend to go on slightly longer than necessary and for this reason the punchline can sometimes be seen coming, but the ensemble cast are so dedicated to their characters that it's no issue in the overall show. Likewise, sketches based around the One Direction drama and London living do appeal more so to a younger audience but they are where NewsRevue’s collective writing team excel.

The finale is a powerful mash-up of the political climate and rounds off an incredibly strong set. The sketches aren't all groundbreaking but they are consistently funny and neatly put together by a charming cast. There's a wealth of talent behind the show and a sign that ever-evolving groups of cast and writers can be fantastic in the similarly changeable world of current affairs.

Broadway Baby Radio interview with the cast and director of NewsRevue

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The Blurb

Nobody is safe: from Farage to the royal foetus, politicians and celebrities come under fire in a turbo-charged barrage of bladder-threateningly funny songs and sketches brimming with punchlines. One of the best-reviewed shows on the Fringe. The longest-running live comedy show in the world is flawlessly delivered by four outstanding performers at lightning speed, expertly accompanied by an on stage musical director, a post previously held by Bill Bailey. NewsRevue's exceptional writing, superlative performances and ever-original takes on current affairs have made it a Guinness World Record-breaker, Fringe First winner and Perrier finalist. 'I love NewsRevue!' (Joan Rivers).