New Note Orchestra and Guests
  • Brighton Fringe

New Note Orchestra and Guests. New Note Orchestra is the Sex Pistols of the classical world due to its punk ethos and attitude. It believes that, with a bit of encouragement, anyone can write great music. The musicians in the orchestra all compose together to create truly beautiful and eclectic sound-scapes that take you on a musical journey. Due to their open-door policy they have an offbeat mix of instrumentalists which adds to the ambiance of the pieces. NNO is an orchestra made up of people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Its main ethos is to inspire people to write music and stay sober. NNO will be showcasing a brand-new piece which has been written with Conductor Conall Gleeson, Deputy Head at the School of Media, University of Brighton. It will blend newly-composed music with old movie footage of Brighton to create a multi media experience.NNO will be inviting some well-known guests to join them. Please see their website for more details: or contact