Nessie the Loch Ness Monster

Ever since the dawn of the Toy Story dynasty, us grown-ups have been spoiled when it comes to children’s entertainment. No longer must we sit wearily, finger-tapping and text messaging while our progeny chortle their way through some fatuous fairy tale in which everyone lives happily ever after. To succeed in today’s congested industry, it’s not the kids you have to win over – it’s their parents. Get the adults onside with some self-deprecating humour and pop culture satire and you’re onto a sure-fire winner.

Someone clearly forget to share this formula with International Purves Puppets however. Their production of Nessie the Loch Ness Monster is selfishly aimed at kids – and kids alone. This colourful puppet show is just the ticket for toddlers, who’ll relish the charmingly-designed sets and engaging narrative. For the grown-ups who can patiently endure the 90-minute production, there’s always the prospect of alcohol in liver-pickling quantities to enjoy later at the Fringe’s numerous pop-up bars.

Our puppet cast includes Hughie McDhui, who hails from Drumnadrochit, Mairi Glengarry and nasty uncle Naggie McCraggie. Then we have the star of the show, a bunnet-wearing Nessie who eats thistles and extols the merits of Irn-Bru. Short of The Krankies being carried on stage by Sean Connery, this show could scarcely be more shortbread tin Scottish. All together now: “Ach aye the noo.”

The Blurb

Purves Puppets ultraviolet spectacular tells the story of Hughie McDhui and Mairi Glengarry, escaping from her wicked uncle, Naggie McCraggie. We also meet Nessie, the famous monster from the loch! Scottish toe-tapping music too!