Neil Henry's Impossible

There’s a hint of showbiz in the air as Neil emerges in a matching two piece checked suit, white leather shoes and a giant magician’s smile. This affable and energetic performer evokes the art of mystery and wonder with a solid hour of making the impossible possible.

Henry masterfully manipulates the mood of the room, tricking us into believing that he might have made a mistake, or he is momentarily doubting his abilities

Henry confuses and delights us with impossible card tricks, cards that appear to shuffle themselves and turn up in the most unlikely of places. Henry inculcates us in a plot to place the most unlikely bets. He invokes the traditional art of kirigami (origami but with cutting) to break various laws of physics. Henry keeps the energy high and the mood upbeat as he jumps from trick to trick.

He doesn’t stray too far from the traditional realm of the magician; card tricks, cups, screens and sealed envelopes abound. However he occasionally also subtly mocks some of the tropes of the magic world; there’s something not quite right about the rabbit in Henry’s top hat.

Henry’s tricks are not limited to the physical realm; he employs the art of mentalism – reading thoughts and able to plant ideas in people’s heads. These stunts prove to be among the most impressive in the show.

Henry relies on a high level of audience participation in this show, and he treats his volunteers with the utmost respect. Henry is often generous with his magic tricks, the final reveal being the work of the volunteer rather than his own.

Henry masterfully manipulates the mood of the room, tricking us into believing that he might have made a mistake, or he is momentarily doubting his abilities. At other moments he builds the tension in the room as he undertakes a risky stunt. Henry happily facilitates our willing suspension of disbelief as we buy into what we are seeing: the impossible.

Henry clearly has a firm following in Edinburgh; the Cabaret Bar in the Pleasance Courtyard is properly packed with people of all ages. This is definitely a family friendly show. Join Henry for an entertaining and amusing hour of mystery and wonder. 

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

Neil Henry treats the impossible as more of a suggestion than a rule, transporting you to an unforgettable world of the unfeasible and unreasonable - it's impossibro. Here's the thing, it's not just Neil who does the tricks, when this impostificatious mindbender gets to work you will discover that you can do magic. Open your mind, close your handbag. Enchanting, endearing, amazing and amusing; as ‘London's mighty sorcerer’ (Time Out) takes to the stage... Prepare to be impossiblified! In Neil's magical, funny and unforgettable show, everything is possible and nothing is as it seems!