Neel Kolhatkar in GENeration comedY

Neel Kolhatker is a young Australian comic whose material, implicit in the name, is based on his observations about issues affecting his generation. His delivery relied on talking to the audience in an attempt to develop some to and fro and generate a more conversational approach.

He is a young comedian and there is some very good material there, but he needs to develop more craft and technique.

From the start this proved arduous as individuals weren’t very responsive. One should point out though that if your act is reliant on interaction, you should be asking more interesting questions than “What’s your name, where you from?” repeatedly. The great comics are those that can convert a dead audience and are so persuasive and charismatic they can draw a response from a stone. After a while he did get a response from one individual and this developed nicely, showcasing his wit and more improvised comedy nicely.

Slow start over, he took us through some good material. He did resort to some guiltily entertaining, but unoriginal, racial comedy to get the audience laughing. But as his material developed, his show focused on his obsession with rap music and his observations in a youthful career. Unfortunately, Kolhatker could not disguise his disappointment at the lack of response to some of his better jokes.

When’s all said and done: I like him. He is a young comedian and there is some very good material there, but he needs to develop more craft and technique. This will come with experience. He’s definitely worth keeping on your radar.

Reviews by Christopher Spring

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Neel Kolhatkar in GENeration comedY

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The Blurb

Neel Kolhatkar in GENeration comedY. A verifiable Youtube sensation, Neel is one of Australia's fastest rising comedians. Now he brings his debut show GENeration comedY to Edinburgh after selling out seasons in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. GENeration comedY delves into Neel's experiences growing up, the media and his take on what it's like to be part of today's internet generation. Specialising in faultless impressions, impeccable accents and acute societal observations with a refreshingly amiable style of delivery. Oh, and he is also only 19. ‘This guy is extremely funny’ (Beat Magazine). ‘Brilliant!’ (Sydney Morning Herald).