Naked Girls Reading

I’m not entirely sure of the point of Naked Girls Reading. Surely it couldn’t just be some girls, naked, and reading? But it is a show that does exactly what it says on the poster; four ladies, sans clothing, reading selections from books and poetry chosen based on an ever-changing theme. Tonight’s inspiration is ‘banned books’ and we get an intriguingly eclectic selection from our host, Luna Eclipse and her guests, Becky Lou, Moisty Magic and Nona Mona.

A very pleasant way to spend an evening but I still don’t get why they have to be naked.

We kick off with an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland and a selection from Animal Farm but the ladies don’t really seem to relax into the situation until a reading from DH Lawrence’s Sons & Lovers. Around this point, the joking around kicks in and there are many asides and observations on the use of accents and reading style. A reading of Ginsberg’s Howl drags a little for me as I’m not a fan of his work but the audience click along appreciatively and we could be in any Paris or San Francisco beat café. A great deal of laughter is gleaned from a reading of Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs And Ham as an ode to bad consent practice and we all realise just how unsexy erotic romance can be when read properly in DH Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

Our host finishes things off with a very funny section from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that’s all about wands (I’ll let you fill in the jokes yourself). The audience has been supportive and attentive; the ladies have been charming and funny and the robes are put on to exit into the warm night air. It’s really a very pleasant way to spend an evening but I still don’t get why they have to be naked.

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The Blurb

Naked Girls Reading is a group of beautiful ladies who love to read…naked. That’s really it. There’s not a whole lot more to it. Should there be? There’s something beautiful, something altogether more intimate, about a woman reading pretty much anything in her, well, altogether. Join burlesque bookworm Luna and a rotating cast of her naked friends for a different theme each night. "Their quips and laughter in-between (and during) their readings make the show feel so natural that you occasionally forget they’re nude. In a world where women’s bodies are decidedly sexualised, this is a refreshing change." ★★★★★ 5 stars - Rip it Up