Mystery at Frankenstein Castle

Time is of the essence as you and your newly formed team are transported to the authentically and adorned castle laboratory from which Victor Frankenstein has mysteriously disappeared on a terrible, stormy night. And so sets the scene for an evening of interactive entertainment as you, yourself, take part in the Mystery at Frankenstein Castle. With only one hour to solve the plethora of scientific riddles that litter the laboratory, the collaborative efforts of yourself and the rest of your team are more than put to the test in order to revive the lifeless body that remains covered beneath a sheet, in an exhilarating race against time before lightning strikes the facility.

it is clear that this production from Sweet Venues is a definite must-see

Not only was the success of this piece of interactive theatre immediately made apparent by the authentic décor in which the team found themselves in, but also by the expertly eccentric laboratory helper Igor Fritz played by Steve Griffin. Striking the balance between playing a role akin to a character found in Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, Frankenstein, and helping team members where appropriate, his characterisation was in enjoyable juxtaposition to the modern sensibilities of the group in which I found myself. Add in the abundance of period props and design, amongst which were golden metallic scales and old-school maps that were suitably indicative of the time, for that hour you are utterly and completely transported out of the 21st Century.

The problems ranged from those of an anagrammatical nature, to those that required more abstract thought and sometimes the clues were as simple as directing you to the page of a book. Mill Goble’s efforts in getting a scientific professional on board resulted in carefully-crafted clues that were conveyed in layman’s terms to accommodate all those who take part in the Mystery of Frankenstein Castle. Such an exercise relied on the inclusion of different thought processes that gave each member of the team the opportunity to solve them, avoiding any exclusion that felt fundamental to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

With afternoon sessions suited for those aged 12 and over, and evening sessions strictly catered for over 18s, there is ample opportunity to attend. The expert characterisation combined with the suitable design of both set and props succeeded in achieving a truly immersive experience that would be sure to brighten up anyone’s evening. All it missed was the absence of movement from the lifeless body that at all times remained covered beneath the sheet. Having it move without warning towards the end would have raised the stakes of the ticking clock and truly transport those involved back to the fearful time upon which the play was based. However, it is clear that this production from Sweet Venues is a definite must-see and you should waste no time in immersing yourself in the Mystery of Frankenstein Castle.

Reviews by Oliver Lugg

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Victor Frankenstein has disappeared – you have one hour to solve the riddles and bring the monster to life. In an immersive game theatre experience, devise scientific experiments and solve the clues before lightning strikes. - See more at: