My Name is Gideon: Songs, Space Travel and Everything In-Between

Gideon Irving is a travelling musician looking for new friends all over the world. Full of stories to tell and music to play, Gideon is a dry-humoured, charismatic, and inventive talent. Before the performance even began, he had already begun speaking to the audience in the queue with a wonderfully quirky manner. Although there isn’t actually that much audience interaction, it always feels as though everyone’s included in a big group conversation orchestrated by Gideon. Especially when he hands everyone cookies.

Even if his music isn’t your style, he sings with such passion and ability it’s impossible to not be captivated

Gideon’s story is extraordinary. He has travelled all over the world, playing shows to many different people in their homes or in private venues. From this he has accumulated a huge amount of stories, all the while writing songs about his experiences, which he sings with a wonderfully easy-going (and sometimes astonishingly high) singing voice. Even if his music isn’t your style, he sings with such passion and ability it’s impossible to not be captivated. Skilled in several instruments (and objects that make sounds) and armed with his wonderfully dry and incongruous sense of humour, Gideon leads the audience through the show with cheerful precision and confidence. He even knows a magic trick or two. Gideon hopes to make more friends in his time in the Fringe, to continue his quest of performing his act all over the world, and to meet more people to write and talk about.

With his multi-compartment trunk and instruments, Gideon seems like a character straight out of fiction: a wandering happy-go-lucky storyteller. It’s difficult trying to describe this show without outright spoiling it, because Gideon is such an oddity both in his performance and background. But I can say with surety that he is a talented musician, a charming performer and a creative storyteller. It was enjoyable seeing a performance done in such a unique way, the uniqueness coming from Gideon’s own personality. If you hope to see something a little different and be part of Gideon’s personal odyssey, then go see this show. You will not be disappointed.

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The Blurb

Fusing songs, stories, and underwater levitation! Gideon Irving creates a tapestry of the unexpected with a voice the New Yorker describes as 'unique and unclassifiable, just like the guy himself'. Using banjo, bouzouki, waterphone, shruti box, mbira, scacciapensieri, wineglass and more, his show has been forged in over 500 living room performances around the world. After traveling home-to-home on bicycle and rollerblades, this home-show troubadour invites you into his Fringe living room. The New York Times calls him 'funny and poignant' whilst his mother says: 'he's the greatest!'.