MurleyDance Double Bill

Through the two pieces that make up this double bill, La Peau and Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, MurleyDance show off their immense skill and enviable talents in a production that displays a number of disciplines and styles, including ballet and physical theatre.

La Peau, inspired by four famous works of art, is the weaker of the two parts. The dancing and choreography is strong and pointed but the central concept is underdeveloped and strung together a little haphazardly. As individual vignettes, each piece is captivating, brought to life by the troupe with flair and precision. However, a quizzical eyebrow was raised during the hospital set - The Birth of Venus section - and a solid arc tying the four pieces together would go along way to making this piece truly wonderful.

The second, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, is a gripping piece of work, full of big characters and intense drama. Based on the play of the same name, the dynamic fluidity of the section is absorbing and the choreography highly developed with each step and spin holding meaning and passion. Throughout the entire double bill, the dancers were mesmerising. They elevate this production over its ballet show tag-line and produce characters for each segment without falling onto the oft used and cringe-worthy exaggerated facial expressions employed by lesser companies. MurleyDance is a thrilling and beautiful show I urge you to seek out, even if for the work of the dancers alone.

Reviews by Andy Currums

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The Blurb

Ballet /contemporary dance company MurleyDance present their Double Bill programme with piece La Peau (Skin) by David Murley and a new work by choreographer Gwyn Emberton. MurleyDance fuses pointe work with high heels and PVC.