Mr Winchester: Classic Entertainment!

A daft double act, Mr Winchester and his sidekick Tommy present an evening bursting to the brim with classic entertainment. Forget about the surreal stuff (The Mighty Boosh and the like), because according to Mr Winchester his old-school jokes are the real deal. Staying true to his word, he pops punchlines like there’s no tomorrow and whilst some gather more raucous laughter than others, the majority slot successfully into this enjoyably fast-paced show.

Mr Winchester and Tommy, played by Dan Skinner and Tom Verrall respectively, form a perfect pairing on stage (a pair brought together by Mr Winchester’s broken marriage). Their bantering dialogue is packed with innocuous innuendo, jovial jokes and amusing anecdotes, consistently delivered with slick, professional timing. Everything about these two characters, from their ridiculous outfits to their manic movements, screams absurdity. However this fails to justify the smattering of racist jokes that cut a little too close to the bone and cannot hide behind the veil of ludicrous caricatures.

Following from its promise to provide classic entertainment, the show strives to cover an eclectic variety of comic basics. The performers flit from silly songs, to game-shows, to non-improvised-improv so fast that you’ve barely got time to catch your breath amongst the laughs. Costumes, props and staging tricks are used to hilarious effect in a visual spectacle that must have demanded careful preparation. The clever construction that lies behind the pandemonium on stage is epitomised with the closing twist that affirms the show’s originality within its classic entertainment. So, as the Fringe edges closer towards its end and you’re frantically squeezing in those last few shows, why not dabble in the frantically fun and add this one to your list.


The Blurb

Dan Skinner, the creator of Angelos Epithemiou returns to the festival with his hilarious traditional stand-up entertainer, Mr Winchester: providing proper jokes, no surrealism, no women ... just classic entertainment! 'Masterful comic timing' ***** (Scotland on Sunday).