Motion&Motion is a visually stunning masterpiece. Enter into a dark, geometric world of movement, colour and light. As two female dancers emerge, the white stage transforms into an otherworldly space. Images begin on the floor and then spill onto the bodies of the dancers who move with technical precision. Everything is focused around a dynamic circular centre. The dancer’s weave through different patterns and colourful shapes expand and grow. This hypnotising use of light and movement creates a beautiful setting. Tilted seats present the audience with a bird’s eye view of the action. Some people chose to stand in order to get a better view.

The combination of the technology with the dancers worked extremely well together.

The constant flux of movement makes it hard to establish a stable connection. Representing how the mind is never truly settled. Especially in the fast paced modern world where everything is becoming increasingly digitalised. The dancers present a complicated struggle for intimacy. This piece explores a network of connections through a sophisticated use of light, sound, and images. A poignant moment for me was when the dancers are eventually still and lie on the ground. Long numbers are projected across their bodies so stillness is never quite achieved.

The use of sound worked very well with the images, ranging from fast digital noise to gentle piano notes. The lighting becomes a character in itself, present throughout the whole duration of the performance. The combination of the technology with the dancers worked extremely well together.

The overall impact of the production was magical. The theatre was busy and the dancers received an excellent response from the audience. Motion & Motion is a superb piece of physical theatre with beautiful visuals and a thought provoking message. 

Reviews by Jenny Johnston

Assembly George Square Gardens

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Greenside @ Royal Terrace

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The Blurb

Everything is so fast these days: numbers, dates, communication, thought. We live in the age of the social network society. We are constantly connected, perpetually plugged in. But can we really communicate? And have we forgotten the power of relationships, the spark between two bodies, the beauty and uniqueness of the self? The heart is an ancient technology, and it moves at its own pace. Motion&Motion puts the brakes on the frenzy of modern life, as dance and projection intertwine in a visually arresting exploration of human emotion in the digital age.