Meet Luke (the uptight one), Joshan (the cool one) and Archie (the third one) as they take you forth into a calamitous hour of high-energy skits.

This show is a real people-pleaser. Go along, support a few 20-somethings and enjoy some afternoon fun.

The recurring sketch, the lynchpin of the show, is that of the three boys returning to their high school for prize giving, and it is always a welcome lynchpin at that. We hear about Archie’s jeopardous gap-yah, Luke’s wildest fantasy (it involves breaking the laws of chain restaurants) and Joshan’s non-existent guitar talents. The characters are relatable enough to induce constant amusement, and malleable enough to swerve off into the absurd.

The group’s name Mothers and show description seems a little misplaced. If you’re expecting sketches involving pregnant boys peeing on sticks, you’ll be disappointed, there’s nothing of the sort. Instead, there is an hour full-to-the-brim with millennial mischief.

Sketches rarely fall flat. The boys’ comic acting, on the whole, is brilliant and jokes come thick and fast. Highlights include a rap based around the sick things about being 22 – it’s entitled Living at Home; the world’s first bear bating start-up and a debate about why Free Willy should deserve quite as much attention. The moment when a food-obsessed shrink imagines a dancing hotdog over listening to his patient gets riotous, unanimous laughs and at points, the manic dancing is nothing short of hilarious.

The boys work impressively as a team and the result is a polished hour of utter fun. Steering clear of satire, irony or social commentary, the humour manages to safely entertain all the family. Punchlines never elicit full-on hysteria but hit frequently enough to keep you consistently engaged.

This show is a real people-pleaser. Go along, support a few 20-somethings and enjoy some afternoon fun. 

Reviews by Sarah Gough

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The Blurb

Luke, Joshan and Archie are super-psyched to become mothers. Just imagine – the gift of life! And all you have to do is wee on one of those little sticks? How hard can that be? 'Original and clever sketches, with wit and warmth' ***** ( ***** (Varsity). Join three tortured victims of Generation Y for a rip-roaring romp through their tangled innards. Who knows? Maybe you'll learn something about yourself along the way. Maybe Alan Titchmarsh is a cosmic space-crab. Who knows...?