Morgan & West: Parlour Tricks

Performed with delightful Victorian flair and charm, magic has never looked quite so dashing and debonair. With elements of theatre, storytelling, science and time travel thrown in for good measure, Parlour Tricks is not your average magic show.

This time travel theme is very aptly weaved into the show’s narrative and used to great, detailed effect.

At the start, Morgan and West are quick to give us their USP: they are not just magicians but time travelers as well. This time travel theme is very aptly weaved into the show’s narrative and used to great, detailed effect. If you have always been confused by time travel, this may not ease your confusion but this talented duo will certainly make you consider that it is actually possible.

The show boasts an enthralling repertoire of extraordinary illusions and devious trickery, all of which is performed with impressive skill and a good dose of panache. Some of the tricks are so “blink and you’ll miss it” that I actually think going a second time would be beneficial in order to appreciate the many layers and subtleties that are in the performance.

Morgan and West are a seamless double act; they bounce off each other perfectly and the comical banter between them adds another level of amusement to the show. The pair have a wonderfully magnetic stage presence and their showmanship is just second to none; from start to finish, you can’t help but just be entranced by what is happening on stage.

Parlour Tricks is a splendid and astonishing hour of mind-boggling tricks from two extremely skilled illusionists. What Morgan and West manage to so effortlessly pull off during the show is truly baffling, highly entertaining, and just jaw-droopingly impressive.

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

Time travelling magic duo Morgan and West present a brand new show chock full of jaw-dropping, brain-bursting, gasp-eliciting feats of magic. The dashing chaps offer up a plateful of illusion and impossibility, all served with wit, charm and no small amount of panache. Be sure to wear a hat - Morgan and West might just blow your mind. ***** (ThreeWeeks). Buxton Fringe Comedy Award Winner 2013.