Monsters Got Talent

First things first, every ticket for this show costs a fiver, which is far better value than so many other children’s productions on in Edinburgh during August and for this £5, Toby Mitchell, has crafted a standout show. He immediately engages his young audience, inviting them to sit in comfort on the duvets and beanbags in front of the arrayed stools set out for the grown-ups. Mitchell is immediately identifiable as a brilliant children’s entertainer, but it seems that the show he has developed would be suited more to an intimate venue, possible a private performance for a handful of kids, rather than a blow-up room full of them.

Mitchell employs good puppetry and character work throughout his performance, instantly endearing his audience, young and old, to the diverse set of monsters that are auditioning for the Britain’s Got Talent parody.

All of the children were gripped from start to finish and there was just enough interaction and requests for tasks to be performed from Mitchell that the children felt involved in the performance. The adults in the room also seemed entertained. Subtle satire, both political and celebrity, runs through the entirety of this cleverly designed piece.

I did however feel that the performance went on a tad too long. It was a strong concept and one that was immediately amenable to a wide variety of audience members, but towards the last fifteen minutes I felt myself flagging. Perhaps a few less contestants would make it stronger, however it would be simply monstrous not to go.

The Blurb

Once upon a time a little monster enters a talent competition. The contestants include a singing dragon, a joke-telling dinosaur and a tap-dancing unicorn. Who will win? The audience decides, in this comical interactive puppet show...