Moment House

In this collaboration between American and Hungarian theatre companies, a poignant story unfolds about the turning points and decisive moments that can change a life forever. A multi-generational, international tale is told by four actors in non-linear fashion, following a former Hungarian freedom fighter who emigrates to New York after the revolution of 1956, leaving behind secrets whose revelation has a profound impact on his family years later. The uniformly compelling performers deliver moving and emotionally raw monologues to the audience, piecing together fragments of the unfolding saga, which becomes incrementally clearer as the piece progresses. Interwoven with this complex family story are vignettes of life in New York City, from the man on wire, whose tight-rope walk between the Twin Towers astonished the whole city, to the devastating effect of the 9/11 attacks. While the piece is occasionally too mystifying for its own good, and the pacing could be improved to grab and hold the audience throughout, this thoughtful contemplation of memory, the past, and the difficult father-son relationship, is a powerful and sophisticated piece of theatre.

The Blurb

Discover split moments of decision, when one life folds into two, and your identity gets up and walks away. Scallabouche and Firefly combine their styles to perform this contemporary fable in English and Hungarian.