Mirror Me

This fun and friendly show from Hello Theatre explores the idea of what would happen if you swapped places with the person in the mirror. There is no question that it ticks all of the boxes of what you would expect and want from a children’s show, but unfortunately it fails to do something varied and special to make it stand out from the crowd.

With its enthusiastic cast and enjoyable story this is definitely a pleasant performance which will entertain young children.

The show begins with us meeting Ani and her talking parrot in her room, where she is angry because she has been told to tidy her things away. However, she soon spies a mirror and discovers that her reflection is staring back at her . She is called Ina and do whatever she likes. The two agree to swap places as they both think life on the other side of the mirror will be better. However, although Ani at first delights in being in place where she can do anything she wants, she soon realises that it is lonely and not what she expected it to be.

Through music and mayhem Hello Theatre have produced a sweet play full of talking parrots, songs and cheeky words to amuse and entertain. This is aimed for a very young audience, as the dialogue, songs and actions are over exaggerated and simple in the hope that even the youngest can understand and join in. It did at times feel as though the cast became overly shouty which wasn’t necessary in such a small space, but their songs and games such as making spaghetti, which all the children could participate in, made this a fun-filled hour.

The music really helped to lift the whole show and Alex White was very entertaining to watch. His ability to sing and hold the word Lasagne in the Italian song caused enjoyment and laughter to fill the room. Although there wasn’t anything particularly original or special in this show, with its enthusiastic cast and enjoyable story this is definitely a pleasant performance which will entertain young children.

Reviews by Emily Blackwell

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The Blurb

'Mirror Mirror 1-2-3, I'm going to be you and you're going to be me.' What if you could swap places with the person in the mirror? Join Ani and her talking Parrot on an adventure full of mischief, music and mayhem as they find out what happens when you do. It's a splenditickletacious world where you can do anything you want and never be told off. But is it really as fun as it seems? And what happens when you want to go home? Come and see!