Milo McCabe: Genesisocide

Milo McCabe's latest hour - and his first in the one-man sketch format - is incredible. Quite literally so. The character comic spins a bizarre tale of revenge, time-travel and pop stardom, told through his unique mix of impressions, innovative soundscaping and a host of weird and wonderful personas.

It is the characterisation that allows an audience to be drawn in by such a left-field performance

Among those that make an appearance are Bob Geldof, Phill Collins (both alive and dead) Elton John and, of course, the Dutch techno duo 2 Unlimited - all conjured out of thin air using nothing but a jacket and a selection of rather dodgy wigs. Despite the rough-and-ready nature of the show, however, the characters are oddly lovable, even when they are beating up beloved musicians.

Of course, performing a one man show with such a wide range of characters is no mean feat, but a combination of McCabe's inventive writing, his madcap energy on stage, and the impressive array of sound and light cues courtesy of his 'sound goblin' mean that despite the extraordinary nature of the show, it is instantly absorbing.

This seems to be McCabe's main appeal; the show may be fresh and unique, and the jokes and pop-culture references hilarious, but it is the characterisation that allows an audience to be drawn in by such a left-field performance, and the narrative - while ridiculous - still has enough intrigue and excitement to maintain an hour's interest. 

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The Blurb

Ever wondered about a parallel universe where Phil Collins was murdered as a schoolboy by a time-travelling, cuckolded, angry Greek? Milo McCabe has. The two-time Amused Moose Best Show nominee has produced a fascinating one-man sketch narrative that is impossible to sum up in 100 words. Starring Schoolboy Phil Collins, Dead Phil Collins, Phil Collins, Bob Geldof, Elton John, 2 Unlimited and Morgan Freeman as Caucasian Gary. ‘Near on perfection’ ***** ( 'Undeniably funny’ **** ( ‘Perfectly worded jokes’ **** ( ‘Masterclass in character comedy’ **** (