Michael Che: Six Stars

One of the fastest rising young comedians from across the pond, Michael Che is back in Edinburgh for a third year running with his new show Six Stars. A great mix of ad-lib and scripted material, Che has a natural stage presence and a good feel for the fringe audience. But with what came across as lack of preparation and an over reliance on old jokes, Che’s promising start loses its pace and leaves his self-assigned six stars a distant dream.

A great mix of ad-lib and scripted material, Che has a natural stage presence and a good feel for the fringe audience.

Having found his success on Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show, it is clear why Che is one to watch. His set has a fantastically casual, unscripted feel while playing on the classic themes of race, sex and nationality. Having put real thought into the direction of his jokes, Che is at his best when he says what you wish you could say. Although he never aims to offend, he has a wonderful honesty in his delivery and a super laid back attitude to his more fiery material. With his set stuffed from start to finish with audience interaction, it is a joy to watch a comic who really wants to mix up his act every night. But as Che says himself, crowd work is hard work, and it is this in part why his set falls a little flat.

Che has a tendency to use the house too much and at times he struggles to move on from an interaction. Although he is largely comfortable when confronting the audience, some of its more active members seem to visibly phase Che and he often overcompensates as a result. While he always finds his way back to the set, he increasingly relies on old material. His attempt to tweak his material to a British audience is admirable, but some jokes remain a little too American to really hit home.

Che is a naturally funny man and for a first timer to one of his shows his set can is a good laugh, but if you’ve seen Che before you’ll find very little which is new. A definite talent with a bright future, Michael Che has great potential but on this occasion he seemed to lack the dedication.

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The Blurb

Michael Che from Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart returns to Edinburgh to do standup comedy. We can’t tell you exactly what this show is about because it starts in August, and he was asked to write a summary in April. It’s called ‘Six Stars’ because six stars is more than five stars. This show is better than a five star show. This show is for the people in the room who want to share a laugh. See it twice. Michael Che won’t cry during this performance, unless he drinks too much.