Method in Madness

Through contemporary dance, music and words, Method in Madness tells the tragic tale of a young American actress struggling to connect with her role as Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. After her portrayal of the famous young woman is rejected time and again by the director of the production, she turns in vain to method acting. But how far is too far? And is it necessary to let some of your own emotions and characteristics go in order to fully inhabit the mind of the character? These are just a few of the many questions addressed by this captivating new play.

Method in Madness is an enthralling example of experimental fringetheatre at its best.

As the young woman sank further into her role, I watched on tenterhooks while she gradually took on the speech and behavioural patterns of Ophelia, whose apparition the actress saw in the mirror whenever the she was alone. Although it took a tad too long to get started, once on course the plot began to accelerate at a terrifying pace - carrying me along inits harsh slipstream of emotion. By the half way point I was totally immersed in the story and the actress was completely absorbed by her part, speaking only with Ophelia’s words, singing her songs and crying her tears.

This ingenious production by Entita Theatre brought together exceptional choreography and powerhouse acting with enchanting results. Although this play certainly isn’t suitable for under 15's, I would recommend it highly to anyone of 15 and above and however detailed or non-existent your knowledge of Shakespeare - go and see it! Method in Madness is an enthralling example of experimental fringe theatre at its best.

Reviews by Ilana Hirschberg

The Blurb

When a young Hollywood actress struggles to connect with Shakespeare’s Ophelia she quickly turns to method acting, but soon the boundaries between the theatre and her own reality become blurred. Amongst the bombs and sirens of blitz-struck London her tunning portrayal literally becomes the performance of her life.