MenSWEAR Collection: Three, Two, F*ck

What does it take to be remembered? What would you have to do to ensure that your name lives on forever? Three young lads have spent a few years on the music scene and have finally achieved what they thought they wanted: a fashion magazine praises their image and a music magazine hails them as them as the next big thing.

Writer/director Jack West has successfully created a thought-provoking play about the contemporary music scene and how it might affect the lives of artists

Before starting to enjoy the fruits of their success they spend one last night at Quigley’s unpleasant flat, which shows all the signs of the poverty they have endured trying to make a name for themselves. It’s morning and Quigley’s alarm goes off, waking not him but an infuriated Craig. Meanwhile, Rob is seated on the floor pensively looking at the cover of the magazine which has proclaimed their breakthrough, so transfixed that he could have been there all night. There is clearly something on his mind.

While his mates revel in the prospect of fame, fortune and unlimited sex, Rob places an entirely different interpretation on their rave review. For him, just being the next big thing isn’t good enough. There have been big things before and there will more after them. For him, the dream is not to be acclaimed temporarily but to be remembered eternally and he has an idea about how to achieve it.

Writer/director Jack West has successfully created a thought-provoking play about the contemporary music scene and how it might affect the lives of artists. The idea he creates for Rob is uncomfortable and divisive. Initially it’s ridiculed by the others, but before long the exchanges turn into an almost courtroom interrogation of the concept. If 12 Angry Men is your type of drama you will revel in the way West’s script turns doubt into resolve.

Playing their namesakes, Rob Hadden, Josh Quigley and Craig McDonald all give strong, emotional performances. Craig's is powerful and passionate; the loud leader of the group until he is gradually undermined by Rob's subtle persuasion and calm logic. In the middle is Josh, heroically trying to cope with all the mayhem that’s going on around him. Together they form a well-balanced ensemble of clearly defined and contrasted characters.

These three talented actors and their gifted scriptwriter are all currently training at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts. They are credit to the Institution and will be names to look out for in the future. This play is well-worth seeing and will certainly be remembered: maybe, as the production matures, for ever.

Reviews by Richard Beck


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What happens when you suddenly become the next big thing? After years of struggling on the underground circuit this young band has finally broken into the music scene. They return to their hometown for one last nostalgic night out before they go on tour. When they wake the morning after the night before, conversation quickly turns to the validity of their success. When fame fights integrity, and success battles principle, they begin to make the decision that will change the rest of their lives. A new drama about mates, music and mortality.