Men With Nectar Points

Free fringe festival comedy Men With Nectar Points starts off the night with Phil Mitchell’s look-alike Jethro Bradley with a pair of tights over his head warming up the crowd for the arrival of Liam Sullivan. Bradley has some amusing jokes, particularly the swear tennis routine, but its only a brief visit (he'll be back later).

Easily the strongest of the group, Bradley makes the whole routine end on a high.

The second act of the night, Sullivan is an alright comedian with the quick paced flow an adaptable stand up requires. Whilst Sullivan has the charisma he often doesn’t quite have the comedy to match, with real life experiences ambling into unbelievable encounters. However, he does a good job at poking fun of ‘players’ and ‘the game’.

Next up is Marshall Veniar who arrives with cool demeanour. Veniar depends more upon self-depreciating humour than his predecessor, often with adroit effect. At times Veniar seems to take himself too seriously to the point that it hampers the intended joke, but generally succeeds well enough to please.

Last but not least, Jethro Bradley returns to the stage with his deadpan humour that rounds off the night with some witty and hilarious jokes about funeral music and sexual misadventures. The clincher is his answer to the life-long question about the sound a tree makes falling in the woods if nobody is around to hear it. Easily the strongest of the group, Bradley makes the whole routine end on a high.

The overall experience was good but not great, though every performer has great potential. All four acts are funny but would benefit in a stronger crew. Nevertheless, Men With Nectar Points is a worthy free fringe show and a good act to see if you’ve got nothing to do for an hour or so between shows.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

You there. Excuse me. Come and watch Liam Sullivan, Marshall Veniar, Max Fleming and Jethro Bradley do stand up. This show is not associated with nectar points. You will not receive nectar points for attending this show.