Meal Ticket

The Mockingbirds Theatre Company serves up a delicious performance in the form of Meal Ticket, a play which examines the problems with perfectionism and informality within high society in a comedic story set in a bustling, star-struck venue. When the staff come under pressure and when tensions begin to rise (and when Cheryl Cole begins to get rowdy), the superficial, quick-to-put-down nature of these staff members is unveiled as nothing more than a ruse to mask the deep set insecurities of people who are desperate to burst through their social confinements. Only Guihellmo, a hardworking and humble ltalian, sets himself apart from the rest through his determination, patience and charming personality.

Meal Ticket deals with the issues of assimilation into high society from lower class backgrounds as much as it does about high society finding it hard to stay in the loop with lower classes but the most significant theme which seems to emerge is the problem of appearing impressive in the eyes of others: certainly, the characterisations of Jason and Rose exemplify this notion perfectly. Effectively, Meal Ticket examines the futile sensations and frustrations brought about by having a low paid, blue-collared job when surrounded with celebrity, wealth and rampant class divisions, but the way the actors have adapted to the written characterisations is what makes this a truly excellent piece of work. Indeed, the entire cast works together superbly to pull off distinct personas that feel stunningly realistic as well as relatable, insomuch that I felt both angry and sympathetic towards different characters.

Though I never thought I could love a play which uses the phrase ‘YOLO’, this one certainly made my day through its deep character developments, a mix of comedy and drama, effective use of props and lighting, and a well written plot that establishes itself as noteworthy act performed by an excellent cast.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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