McNeil and Pamphilon Go 8-Bit!

Returning to an even bigger venue this year, sketch duo McNeil and Pamphilon reprise their geekalicious gameshow for this year’s Fringe: once again McNeil and Pamphilon Go 8 Bit hits the mark for nerds and noobs alike. The concept is simple: get guest comedians to come and battle it out head-to-head over a series of classic video games while drinking beer. So essentially it’s like a night round your mates house if Tim Vine happened to pop by.

Cleverly thought out, getting the audience involved always makes a show like this more fun and the whole crowd was howling.

To add an element of danger to the proceedings for the players, any guest must help McNeil or Pamphilon to endure fitting punishments for every loss they incur. Every night sees different punishments but we had maggots, pies to the face and a smoothie made of tuna, chip sticks, chillies and milk amongst other things. So it goes without saying that the stakes are high.

With the games of Mario Kart, Bomber Man, Pac Man and others set up, the festivities get underway. As anyone who grew up as or around gamers will know, there is great, friendly competitiveness in a room where games are being played and the atmosphere here is brilliant. With the crowd split into two teams, both screaming their heads off to drown out the support for the other, this is one of the most entertaining and exciting lineup events Pleasance has to offer.

To add an extra dynamic to the show this year, the duo (with the help of Rob, King of the Nerds) have devised a way for the audience to play along on their smartphones, with usernames being used to get audience members onstage to help out with the games, as well as to vote for who they think will win. Cleverly thought out, getting the audience involved always makes a show like this more fun and the whole crowd was howling.

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The Blurb

Total sell-out show at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and every month in London since. Video games and comedy combined, plus live battles between comedians (and you!) on classic games! It’s like GamesMaster off the telly, but drunk. Previous guests include Josh Widdicombe, Tony Law, Nick Helm, Brendon Burns, James Acaster, Sara Pascoe. 'Ridiculously fun, whether you're a gaming nerd or not.' (Time Out Pick of the Month and Critic’s Choice). Praise for award-winners, McNeil and Pamphilon (BBC1, BBC3, MTV, E4): 'An unusually high standard of innovation and comic writing' (List). 'Hilarious' (Guardian).