Max and Ivan

Max and Ivan are one of my main reasons for loving the Fringe. I have had the luck to see their show in the past and I now have the honour of telling people why they are simply supreme when it comes to Fringe sketch comedy. As they said at the end of their show 'there’s only two of us pimping this badboy out'. It’s been said before and I’ll scream it now. This comedy double act is genius, go and see it.The show consists of some twenty-five sketches, each one with an originality and innovation strong enough to make you cry with laughter, even if this pair wasn’t performing it. Max and Ivan make this great start into something astounding using their evidently natural and well developed comic ability. When they do solo performances the individual talent is evident, but when they meet onstage the chemistry is overwhelming. Each one seems to know what the other is going to do and so anticipates the next line or action to create immaculate comic effect. They also seem to want to outdo each other, leading to ad-libbing sequences that leave the audience crippled with laughter and the other half almost dumbfounded. The energy invaded the audience so intensely that Max had to come onstage dressed as a flower. He danced to whatever came up first on 'Spotify' in an attempt to cool the crowd down before everyone blew a fuse, needless to say it didn’t work. It can only be an innate self preservation technique that stopped me laughing to the point of damaging myself.They do not respect the bounds that are usually set in sketch comedy, usually maintained by a well rehearsed script. Instead they only respect what will be funny, and if the opportunity arises they will pounce on it. While they are quick to rip on stand up and improvisational comedy at the start of their show, they later show why they have done this. It is because Max and Ivan are all round comedians, while others may give themselves bounds, they take everything they can and throw it into making comedy gold. This is one of the most genuinely brilliant comedy acts at the fringe and beyond. While others may have a more established hype, this pair still has the talent. Make your fringe by seeing this show.

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Join Max (taller, curlier) and Ivan (shorter, cuddlier) for an hour of joy-soaked trans-genre sketch wizardry. Delightful, insightful, a little bit spiteful. 'Unique and brilliant ideas coming from every orifice imaginable' ***** ( **** (ThreeWeeks).