Mavis Sparkle

There is more to Mavis Sparkle than meets the eye. The simple-seeming cleaner on her last day chats happily away as she finishes up her dusting, trying to decide where to go next. Mavis travels the country with her trolley of tricks, moving from one job to another and sprinkling glitter from her fingers, whilst accompanied by a bedazzled cuckoo clock and a shy but incredibly endearing hedgehog called Spike.

Sparkles' performance is spectacularly effective

As Mavis goes about her day, we start to get a glimpse of the magic in her routine. Her trolley is a treasure trove. Using transformative stage magic, props tricks, and a well designed set, she turns her tea break and her mopping into a delightful dance. They are very nifty sequences that make you unable to look away for fear of missing the magic. Most of the illusions are just simple reveal tricks which will not fool many little ones, but they’re still infectious when performed with Mavis’s panache. In between, Mavis tell us more about her family: about how her father the Magician met her mother the Dancer, and about the performance they used to do. She shows us some of their stage tricks by transforming a section of the trolley into a stage. Even when we get to see behind the stagecraft, the performance remains spectacularly effective.

The storytelling sections between tricks allow Mavis to tell the us more about her past. These are nowhere near as gripping as the illusions and, sadly, allow a chance for interest to lull. These sections could do with a little cut. However, whenever attention began to drift, Spike is wheeled out with Machiavellian timing to re-enrapture the audience. He is an excellent and very cute companion that has the audience wrapped around his little finger.

The overall message of following your sense of adventure was well targeted for the slightly older children, and accompanied by a heart-warming finale with shadow puppetry and stars. Not to mention the magnificent final transformation of the mystical trolley. 

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The Blurb

With a magician for a Dad and a stargazer for a Mum, no wonder there's more to Mavis than meets the eye! Her cleaning trolley is full of surprises and Mavis is moving ever closer to making her dreams come true. With a little help from her cheeky cuckoo clock, mischievous mop bucket and Spike the hedgehog, will she find the courage to journey north and see nature's biggest light show with her own eyes? M6's cosmic production features a magical mix of illusion, animation and captivating performance, inspiring us all to reach for the stars.