Mavericks: A Sketch Show (Of Sorts)

Mavericks: A Sketch Show (of Sorts) is the product of talented comedy duo and Cambridge Footlights members Ruby Keane and Luisa Callander. In their show, which consists of their rather unique brand of absurdist comedy, they perform a mixed bag of sketches, interspersed with their own peculiar banter, to varying degrees of success.

With their own unique and often hilarious brand of slow, absurd comedy, these two could go far.

The show possesses something of a minimalist quality, starting off very slowly with comically low energy and rather a lot of largely pointless, but occasionally amusing chatter between the two of them. Once they embarked on sketches however, they began to redeem themselves and create more and more energy in the room, with imaginative and often very comical and promising material. The absurdist, low energy comedy occasionally was incredibly funny, with the slow, deliberate delivery showing some very good comedic timing, such as in their excellent ‘GCSE English language’ sketch, which was one of the show’s highlights. At times however, this delivery fell flat, partly due to overuse.

Their awareness of their own typecast positions, and the deliberate attempt to reverse this in their two old men sketch also proved successful and very funny. The show possessed some moments of comedic genius, but sadly this was not consistent throughout, with a lot of filler time in between. It was incredibly encouraging to see a female comedy duo, as there seems to be a bit of a gap in the market for such a double act; if they worked on a greater consistency in quality, Keane and Callander could potentially be very successful in the sadly rarified field of female comic duos. They clearly have an excellent rapport and work very well together, complimenting each other’s styles very nicely, without an inkling of the Simon and Garfunkel predicament of one overshadowing the other hanger on. With their own unique and often hilarious brand of slow, absurd comedy, these two could go far.

Reviews by Fiona Russell

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The Blurb

Mavericks: A Sketch Show (of Sorts) is 50 minutes of surreal comedy from Cambridge Footlights Ruby Keane and Luisa Callander. 'Occasionally dark, yet always light-hearted and innovative', this two-woman double act promises 'comic genius that will have you convulsed with laughter' (, Cambridge). Previous praise includes: 'glorious sketches' (Varsity). 'Brilliant acting and writing that will have you in stitches' (Cambridge Student). 'Witty one-liners came fast and thick' (Varsity). 'Their sketches refuse to be obvious or predictable' (, Cambridge).