Matt Green: Too Much Information

It’s hard to get excited about Matt Green, but it’s even harder not to be taken in by his confidence and easy charm. In Too Much Information he delivers everything you’d expect from an hour of stand up comedy, but nothing more. You’ll see excellent audience interaction and intelligent observations, all tied into a general theme and delivered by an endearing, charismatic personality. You’ll go home feeling like it was money well spent, but it’s unlikely that the show will provide the excitement that comes from original and innovative comedy. His jokes are drawn from obvious comic territory: sex, the news, technology. The overall concept for the show, that the excess of information given to us by the media is confusing our outlook on the world, is a little hackneyed and is a too moral and earnest for a comedy show.Be this as it may the audience are always on side and the laughter rarely lags. Green’s audience interaction is carried out with charm and confidence, and his willingness to digress means that the interaction never feels like an accessory or a means of warming up a crowd before the show proper is underway. Rather it feels substantial, rich and, what is most satisfying, thoroughly involved with the fabric of the prepared material. In terms of technique, Green is expert. It is because of this that the show is deserving of four stars. It is vibrant, energetic and entertaining.If you’re looking for something innovative and exciting, however, this isn’t the show for you. The jokes are primarily observational and the approach is chatty and casual. These of course aren’t bad things, but it’s an approach that may not satisfy some tastes. If you want an hour of classic stand up expertly delivered then this is the show for you. Even if not, it’s worth-while going to see; it just might not do exactly what you want it to.

The Blurb

Overwhelmed by life? Constantly distracted? This award-nominated show has all the answers. As long as you ask very specific questions. 'A stand-up audience’s dream' ***** (ThreeWeeks), 'Super impressive comedy brain' (British Comedy Guide).