Matt Forde: A Show Hastily Rewritten in Light of Recent Events – Again!

Matt Forde is a consummate professional, with sharp observations and confident crowd work, it’s just a shame this show lacks the biting satire expected from political comedy at the fringe.

Forde delivers great jokes with a slick, smooth delivery but doesn’t seem to be bringing anything new to the political debate.

The USP of this show is the haste of the writing and as such the majority of the show centres around the general election. However, in comedy terms, this was a fairly long time ago, and while to the average punter these jokes may seem fresh, a comedy fan won’t find much new in the show. The jokes are, however, strong, well delivered and stand alongside some incredible impressions of current politicians. It’s clear that Forde is careful to be politically neutral, but without any actual perspective or insight, the whole show comes across a bit benign. Addressing each major political party in equal measure, no-one is safe, but on-one’s in any particular danger either. The only party specifically attacked in any way seems to be UKIP, and only once Forde has checked no UKIP supporters are in the room.

This may be a refreshing tone for those who are sick of the biased political commentator. Forde certainly seems to be appealing to the older, centrist voter, scoffing at the ‘youth’ and getting big laughs from the audience in response. This is bound to alienate younger viewers, who’re surely part of his Unspun with Matt Forde demographic.

Later on in the show, Forde calls for more ‘truth’ in politics and an attitude change on taxation and it’s uplifting to hear him finally talk passionately, give his own personal opinions and convey his political awareness. The show ends with some up-to-the-minute material about Trump and North Korea and while the fringe is infested with Trump impressions, it’s fair to say Forde’s rises above the rest.

Forde delivers great jokes with a slick, smooth delivery but doesn’t seem to be bringing anything new to the political debate. With such an important platform as a political satirist, it seems a shame that Forde relies on lazy political stereotyping, reinforcing all the ideas the audience enter with. 

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The UK's leading political comedian and host of Unspun presents a show completely changed by events which haven’t yet happened. Ultra-topical comedy as seen on The Royal Variety Performance, Mock the Week, The One Show and Question Time. Now with added Trump. 'Possibly the best political comedy show on the Fringe' ***** (Telegraph). 'A first-class comic' (Guardian). 'Singlehandedly fulfilling comedy’s brief of taking our political masters to task. Combining spot-on impressions with up-to-the-minute observations' **** (Mail on Sunday).