Matt Forde: 24 Hour Political Party People

Matt Forde loves politics, and he's going to make sure that you do too - whether you want to or not. Bounding onto the stage with his trademark enthusiasm, Forde immediately launches into his views on the next general election. Despite the potentially unpopular subject, Forde’s relntless ebullience quickly brings the early afternoon Pleasance audience on board, and before long there are big laughs for even the most obscure of political references. This is not to say that a high level of political knowledge or interest is required however; there are plenty of silly gags and visual comedy to keep even the most ardent of political cynics satisfied. Even the jokes that do require additional information are explained with such love that political outsiders feel part of the gang. And with a leader as charismatic and joyous as Matt Forde, who wouldn't want to join in?

Somehow, Matt Forde has single-handedly rejuvenated a dying interest.

He breathes life into the political characters that he loves so much through a series of impressions. Farage, Hague, Blair, Cameron and Milliband all make an appearance alongside less political figures such as Micheal McIntyre and Kevin Bridges. These impersonations are spot-on, and through Forde's portrayal we begin to see them as he does, not as dry and dusty figures, but as personalities to be enjoyed - whatever their political leanings.

Despite his ever-present exuberance, some of Forde’s jokes do fall flat, and the occasional hesitation and stumble prevent his show from reaching perfection. 24 Hour Political Party People is not slick by any means, but its shambolic nature adds to the childlike wonder through which Forde presents his view of party politics.

Upon opening the show, he is playing to a crowd of political fans, skeptics and apathists alike. By the time the audience leaves, many of them are fully-formed political converts. Somehow, Matt Forde has single-handedly rejuvenated a dying interest. 

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The Blurb

Following a sell-out run in London, Matt comes back to celebrate the great and the good (and Ed Miliband). See his brand new show as the countdown to election 2015 starts here. As seen on Have I Got News for You and 8 Out of 10 Cats. ‘A first class comic’ (Guardian). ‘Smooth as silk. Brings confidence and energy to political satire’ **** (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine). ‘Combines infectious enthusiasm and gleeful giggling with astutely well-informed political opinions’ **** (ThreeWeeks).