Matt and Ian's Improv Show

Matt and Ian provide an hour of laughs with their improvised show at the Sweet Venues. Formatted much like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Matt and Ian ask for audience suggestions for games and skits they perform on the fly.

They played games such as Guess the Guest, where one man remains ignorant and the other must play the wacky character/characteristic of an audience suggestion. One of the highlights was definitely Zoltan, where Matt and Ian don hats and simultaneously answer questions from the audience suggestion bucket. Sometimes the sentences that came out of their mouths didn’t make one lick of sense, much to the hilarity of the audience. You might even witness a slip-up or two as they bumble their way through some of the games. However, generally the slip-ups and accidental innuendos made them even funnier.

As is the nature with improv comedy, no one show will ever be the same. Matt and Ian are quite good at what they do, but they are little more than your standard improv performers. Most of the games they tackle are fairly common ones, but you better watch out if they decide to pull out Fifty Shades of Grey. Still, if you are looking for something fun to do with your afternoon, they are definitely worth the laugh.

Reviews by Lynne Marie Martens


The Blurb

Matt and Ian are back at the Fringe with their quick wit and fast-paced humour. A brand new performance every day! ‘Expect the show to be a hit in Edinburgh’ (Metro). Twitter @mattandian.