Massive Lazy Girls

Up-and-coming sketch troupes Massive Dad, Lazy Susan and Birthday Girls join forces for a hilarious hour of high-energy comedy. Each group are allotted a third of the show but the atmosphere is one of camaraderie and collaboration, with frequent cameos in sketches bringing all the performers together and giving the show a sense of cohesion. There is none of the competitiveness that often permeates multi-act comedy shows and this is both refreshing and uplifting to witness.

It’ll leave you chuckling and energised for a great night out.

High-decibel party anthems blare through the pre-state and some funky graphics get the show going with style. They are aiming to create a boisterous pre-drinks vibe and in this they totally succeed. The slick dance routines used by to transition between sketches, especially by Massive Dad and Birthday Girls, are fun and flashy and ensure that the mood never lulls. Birthday Girls’ performance of Run the World (Girls) is especially entertaining.

The clubby atmosphere created by the performers is the common strand that runs through the show because the three acts actually bring very different styles to the table. Each section is distinct and, although the performers are clearly having fun collaborating, it is pleasing to see how the show celebrates the variation between the groups. Massive Dad’s cautionary school theatre workshop and Lazy Susan’s saga of the Old Mill are both weird, wacky and hysterically funny while working in totally different ways. This juxtaposition imbues the show with fast-paced dynamism and as a result you are more willing to forgive its weaker moments. Certain sketches would benefit from greater concision and some tighter writing - The Great British Edinburgh International Song Vision sketch has a great premise and some amusing characters but drags slightly towards the end.

Massive Lazy Girls is playful and in-your-face. These comedians are going places and this distinctive show goes down perfectly with a drink in hand. It’ll leave you chuckling and energised for a great night out.

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The Blurb

Critically acclaimed sketch groups Massive Dad ('performed with flair' **** Guardian), Lazy Susan (Fosters Best Newcomer nominees) and Birthday Girls ('excellently executed' **** are joining forces for one week only. Expect sketches, mash-ups and mash-up sketches from eight of the most exciting humans doing comedy right now. Between them, they've received over 250 review stars (count them), appeared on everything from Channel 4 to Comedy Central, and are excellent, kind, tender people. Unmissable, unless you can't make it. 'An idea of what comedy's future might look like' (Independent).