Markus Birdman - Happily Ever After

Only Markus Birdman can talk about the most taboo of topics and get away with it. His brand of comedy is a unique blend of witty and risqué material delivered in a reflective prose-style manner.

Last year Birdman suffered a stroke and wrote a show about it. This year he recounts the end of a relationship that had lasted fourteen years. Throughout the hour he candidly recounts good and bad times during this relationship as well as other significant events from his life.

As the title suggests, even though the inspiration for the show comes from unfortunate circumstances, just like the stroke, it all ends well. The show is far from bleak; in fact it has the reverse effect. Be it somber or controversial, Birdman knows how to inject humour into any topic whatsoever.

You can expect swearing and definitely some inappropriate, audacious subject matter at his show, however Birdman does it in a way that never offends, something I think is a rare skill. Things that would cause most to blush or shy away, he just discusses matter-of-factly without blinking an eye.

Birdman’s greatest strength is his gift of the gab and extraordinary way with words. He is a gifted and eloquent storyteller, conveying his material so naturally and with confidence – nothing comes across forced or rehearsed, yet his set is extremely polished.

The anecdotes he shares are all superbly written with impeccable comedic timing and well-structured story arcs. His relaxed and conversational style also means he comes across very genuine and relatable.

Markus Birdman bears the hallmark of a great comedian because put simply, he knows how to make an audience fall about with laughter. His show packs a comedic punch, is wildly entertaining but also unexpectedly incredibly uplifting.

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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After 60 years of marriage Grandma sadly died, followed ten days later by Grandpa. ‘ romantic,’ said my partner, ‘died of a broken heart!’ Nah ... died of hunger. **** (Scotsman,, List, Metro, Skinny).