Markus Birdman: 2B or Not to Be

Markus Birdman is no stranger to the comedy circuit, yet he seems to fly under the radar amidst other bigger names or rising stars on the scene. Though underrated, he definitely shouldn’t be underestimated – Birdman is a seasoned performer with excellent comedic instinct.

For an entertaining evening of smart jokes and engaging stories with some superb imagery thrown in for good measure, this is the ticket.

2B or Not to Be is the third installment in a series of shows which talks about suicide, death, despair, love and loss. These are morbid themes yet Birdman’s style of comedy is anything but.

He manages to effortlessly strike the perfect balance between putting a comedic spin on these topics while taking care not to trivialise it.

Birdman tells us that he crafts his shows based on significant events that occur in his life. This year’s show wrote itself when he learned his ex, whom he had been with for fourteen years, started seeing someone. In reaction - or probably more accurately retaliation - to this news, Birdman goes on a bit of a tailspin where he finds himself involved in both amusing escapades and disastrous mishaps.

This year’s show is a bit different than it’s predecessors as it includes some expertly hand-drawn images and pop-up visual cues created by Birdman himself. The addition of these illustrations are not used in a gimmicky fashion but are weaved in at opportune moments to effectively enhance the stories being told, adding another sensory element to the show. I particularly enjoyed his collection of cynical fairy tales which served to convey his views on the illusion of love.

2B or Not to Be is a solid hour of stand up by a gifted and skilled raconteur. For an entertaining evening of smart jokes and engaging stories with some superb imagery thrown in for good measure, this is the ticket. 

Reviews by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

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The Blurb

Growing up, my father made me draw Bible stories. I don’t remember the stories, but I draw great. It’s a skill I'm now putting to blasphemous effect. Contains stories, jokes, drawings. ‘Birdman cuts a dashing figure, elegant, smart, theatrical. A hugely entertaining hour of thoughtful, heartfelt, mature comedy, performed with great energy and dynamism’ **** ( ‘Meditative but not mournful, he makes us feel part of his story. Hugely enjoyable and lots of ruddy good gags’ **** (Scotsman). ***** ( **** (List, Metro, Skinny,,, Adelaide Advertiser,