• Edinburgh International Festival

A major new production of Verdis dark operatic thriller, given by the International Festivals 2017 resident company Teatro Regio of Turin, conducted by Gianandrea Noseda and directed by Emma Dante. The opera was the very first to be performed at the inaugural International Festival in 1947.

A coven of witches prophesies that Macbeth will be king. Blinded by ambition and driven on by his power-hungry wife, he commits bloody murder after bloody murder in his ruthless quest to grasp and keep the throne.

But even as monarch, Macbeth finds himself trapped in a swamp of intrigue, murder and betrayal as he attempts to protect his fragile grip on power.

Aflame with madness, witchcraft and tyranny, Verdis immensely powerful tenth opera is at once an exploration of the nature of evil, and a gripping account of the rise and downfall of a dictator. With Macbeth, Verdi did nothing less than change the course of opera history, abandoning the lyrical style of Rossini and Donizetti in favour of fiery drama, brooding emotion and ghostly colours.

This new landmark production is directed by the Italian actor, writer and director Emma Dante, acclaimed for previous productions in opera houses including La Scala, Milan. Teatro Regio Torino Music Director Gianandrea Noseda conducts Verdis ferociously original score.

With its searing emotional intensity and its diabolical themes, Verdis Macbeth guarantees you one of the darkest nights at the opera.