Macbeth: A Tale of Sound and Fury

A theatre company taking a reimagining of Shakespeare to a Fringe festival is like your Nan getting tipsy at Christmas. It's predictable, usually underwhelming and happens every year. However, 6FootStories are bucking the trend.

espite the silliness woven throughout, the actors also managed to deliver the dark plot of greed and murder with conviction

We are greeted by our hosts, the three witches who tell the tale through embodying and interacting with the story’s characters, clearly delighting in the misery and misfortune they inflict. Transitions between characters can sometimes be clumsy, leaving the audience feeling a bit awkward, but that is not the case here: these three are masters. The use of the three witches as the storytellers is inspired as it allowed the actors to have fun, resulting in the changeover between roles being some of the smartest and most enjoyable bits of the show.

The idea of a classic text being moved to some bizarre setting is always a little worrying, yet the backdrop of a junkyard surprisingly works, as the myriad of objects available were used to enhance the story in the form of props to puppets. The chemistry between the three actors was clear, as was their skill. I’m not sure many people could portray a Shakespearian character using a scarf so engagingly. Props were used to form certain characters as the witches switched between the main parts of the story, often bickering over who would deliver the most exciting moments. This did not hinder the viewers understanding but cleverly added another level of insight into Shakespeare's writing, as you were allowed to see three slightly different interpretations in one sitting.

I overheard a fellow theatre goer stating that they actively disliked Shakespeare and were surprised how much they liked the show. There is no doubt this was down to our mischievous hosts whose energetic and enthusiastic delivery added a level of hilarity not often associated with this gruesome tale, opening Macbeth up to a brand new audience. Despite the silliness woven throughout, the actors also managed to deliver the dark plot of greed and murder with conviction, therefore simultaneously satisfying even the hardcore Shakespeare lover.

Reviews by Ray Ocean

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Macbeth: A Tale of Sound and Fury




The Blurb

A riotous and playful reinvention of Macbeth, that puts the witches at the centre of this dark and bloody tragedy. Three gnarly fortune tellers live amongst the rats in an old junk yard, apart from decent society. Eager to teach the selfish world of man a lesson, they prepare a fortune reading that will destroy a throne and everything around it. Performed by just three actors with a junk yard set full of props, the major roles are swapped between them as they hurtle through the witches’ prophecy using storytelling, live music and physical theatre.