Lynn Ruth Miller: I Love Men

This is a show that anyone who has ever been single – and that means everyone – needs to see.

The painstaking detail that goes into each anecdote, whilst accompanied by a score of suitable vintage tracks, transports the evening back in time

Lynn Ruth Miller is, above all, a powerful storyteller, taking us from start to finish through her autobiographical story without losing a beat. Starting with her father, this production travels from the 1940s to the present day, examining a variety of characters Miller has encountered along the way. Interspersing these chapters with deceptively lighthearted musical numbers - all written by Miller herself with tangible, heartfelt care and attention - makes the hour simply fly by.

The painstaking detail that goes into each anecdote, whilst accompanied by a score of suitable vintage tracks, transports the evening back in time: the taste of the peppercorn steak on her first dinner out, the pink bow on the rabbit she bought in an attempt to win over her first love, even the name of the plumber who left open the gate and allowed her beloved dog to escape. It was as if we parted lifelong friends. Miller is a personable and charming presence onstage, with generations of wit and experience to draw upon that gives an added depth and richness to her memories.

Her no-nonsense attitude to the frills of theatricality is empowering to watch; this is a performer who knows exactly what she wants from her crew, from sound levels to seating arrangements, and isn’t afraid to mention it. It’s refreshingly honest to see an act so candid and open-hearted about every little aspect of her performance, even if it’s asking to turn the lights up so she won’t be distracted by seeing the faces of the audience.

Most poignant of all was the conclusion Miller has reached, after years of searching, that will resonate with anyone who feels like they too are on a journey to find another. Ultimately, Miller confides that it’s the self-respect and self-love that is gained along the way which made the journey worthwhile.

This is a beautifully intimate show with a truly satisfying ending. Who knows what Miller will bring back to the festival next year, but I’m looking forward to it already.

Reviews by Katie Rose

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The Blurb

Does the perfect man exist, and at the age of 82, does Lynn Ruth Miller need to find him? The TO&ST winner examines the men she has loved and what she learned from each of them about the connection we yearn for, and the difference between love, infatuation and lust. Funny and touching stories and songs from one of Edinburgh's best-loved performers. ‘Autobiographical but with an infectious universality... The feminism in the piece is genuine, the lived plight of a woman who has dared to say no to society’s expectation’ (