Luisa Omielan... Am I Right Ladies?!

After the success of her previous show, What Would Beyoncé Do?! Luisa Omielan has returned to Edinburgh with a brand new stand-up act, Am I Right Ladies? It’s a loud and crude turbulent ride and it’s utterly brilliant. Omielan has crafted a wacky set that is exceptionally personal and alternates fluidly from being gut wrenchingly hilarious to almost heart break sad and is sometimes both at the same time.

Omielan’s stand up is hilarious, raunchy and mad.

From an excellent and raunchy physical skit on body image to a demonstration of how you grotesquely force yourself to have sex with someone to get over someone else because that’s what you’re told you should do, Luisa Omielan does a good job of pointing out a lot of things that are wrong in society, particularly regarding attitudes to sex and gender politics.

Omielan’s stand up is hilarious, raunchy and mad. And her observation is astute. It’s an exhilarating show, with fantastic physical gags and brilliant uses of song, that help create a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It’s an impressive and appropriate feat for a show that takes quite an unflinching look at depression and social and sexual stigma.

Omeilan manages to explore sexism in fantastically funny ways, highlighting the most ridiculous habits among men and women when it comes to sex and relationships. She finds taboo subjects or areas that are often left alone in comedy and brings them brilliantly to the fore and highlights how normal it is to feel like utter shit sometimes. This makes her stand up not only original but socially influential. And its material anyone should find engaging. Whilst it is stand up for women, much like, as Omeilan points out, that a lot of stand up from men is usually for men, it is hilarious whatever sex you are. And any man who feels uncomfortable with it should grow up. Most men, will agree with many of the points she makes and those who don’t should take a moment to re-evaluate their outlook on life.

Physical, raw, loud and exceptionally enjoyable, everyone should see Luisa Omelain’s Am I Right Ladies? What’s more it’s free and is considerably better than a lot of the things you’d pay to see. 

Reviews by Dave House

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The Blurb

This is the follow up to Luisa Omielan's unprecedentedly successful debut stand up show, What Would Beyoncé Do?! It's a signature party with jokes in, come get me bodied! #AmIRightLadies. 'Crystal clearly a mainstream star in the making' (Guardian). 'Hilarious, expect a full on rearrangement of your insides' (Vogue). 'Fresh, frank and fearless – a gutsy new star is born' (Telegraph). 'Will make you die laughing' (Marie Claire). 'Soul-baring comedy' ( 'Queen B of Comedy' (