Lucie Pohl: Hi, Hitler
  • West End

German-Jew. Immigrant. Alien. Lucie Pohl's Hi, Hitler tells the story of a German-Jew, who grows up in a wild family of artists, is fascinated by der Fhrer from age four and uprooted from Hamburg to NYC at eight. As Bertolt Brecht's real-life-grand-niece, Lucie yearns for normalcy, but being different seems to run in her bloodline and escaping her inherited high-drama- destiny might just be impossible. A pinch of Hitler, a cup of hip hop and a dash of Hasselhoff.

"Crazily funny!" - Broadway Baby

"An absolutely hilarious master class!" - The Mirror

"Lucie Pohl proves to be a delightful raconteur!" - New York Times

"I love Lucie!" - Steve Coogan