Lucie Pohl: Hi, Hitler

Lucie Pohl is an enigma and a clever one to boot. This German/American grips her reins firmly at the get go, cracks the whip and we’re off at full throttle. It has been a while since I’ve seen an energy and smooth dynamic such as Lucie’s dominate the stage. I must admit that life is extremely better for it. Like a Tasmanian devil-chameleon hybrid, Pohl is a master of her own unique craft. Carefully and intriguingly darting between self and character she buzzes, flits and contorts, embodying everything, down to the most minuscule detail, portraying her real life saga without fault or flat line.

The skill in which Pohl performs with makes me wonder why I haven’t come across her before

Pohl, in her own words, is an alien. Her story takes us on a journey of self-discovery that we can all relate to: suffering the angst of being an outsider and striving with every last breath to fit in and be normal. What’s slightly different about Lucie is her circus of a family, her German-Jewish background and her youthful, let’s say intrigue with Hitler himself.

Spending the solo hour as grand master of her life story, Pohl takes us on a hilarious route of ups and downs, sexual conquests, mild incest, hopes, dreams and owning the fact that nothing ever goes as expected. She displays astonishing strength and will to survive even if being an alien will hound her to until the very end.

The skill in which Pohl performs with makes me wonder why I haven’t come across her before. The way she transforms into her characters, all of which are very real, no matter how absurd, is remarkable and adds a zany yet tangible level to her performance. You cannot help but to be engrossed, supportive and entertained by the whole adventure.

Lucie Pohl is easy to watch, lovable, crazily funny and truly entertaining as a formidable and triumphant actress who needs to continue the explosion of her comic collisions.

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The Blurb

Hi, Hitler. This heil-arious one woman blitzcomedy comes to Scotland fresh off the heels of a sold out NY run. Meet a German-Jew, who grows up in a wild family of artists, is fascinated by der Fuhrer from age four and uprooted from Hamburg to NYC at eight. As Bertolt Brecht's real-life niece, Lucie yearns for normalcy, but being different seems to run in her bloodline and escaping her inherited high-drama-destiny might be impossible. A pinch of Hitler, a cup of hip hop and a dash of Hasselhoff. ‘Hilarious!’ (