LRC Youth Theatre Present Empra's New Threads
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16m subscribers. 10 billion video views. 12.7m in advertising revenue. Empra is the hottest YouTube star that has ever existed and what he says goes.

With millions of kids hanging on his every word clothes companies are queuing up to give him cash to make their products the new must-have.

His outfits are snatched, he's the best dressed kid that there has ever been. Everyone wants the clothes he wears, the food he eats and the air he breathes. Everyone except Yazz.

Yazz is a bit different. She's got her own sense of style and she makes her own stuff. She can see the Empra for what he is, a well-paid clotheshorse with access to broadband. It's weird to be different though isn't it so nobody will listen to her, will they. Will they?

Liverpool's Royal Court Youth Theatre are back on the main stage this summer with another great new show packed with humour, music and amazing dance routines.

All ages are welcome for this family friendly look at the future of the Royal Court.

Written by Paula Currie
Directed by Zain Salim