Loving Dick

Don't get too excited: the eponymous Dick is simply a shortening of Richard and not the male sex organ. Still, it's probably worth mentioning that Richard's anatomical namesake still features heavily in this charming tragicomedy.

Indeed, rather unusually considering the subject matter, this three-person production manages to remain funny and insightful while still having more sex than you can shake a euphemism-laden stick at. This is because the cast make the wise decision of looking at relationships from more angles than the purely physical. Lana, the loud Dutch expat, is simultaneously sex-obsessed and falling in love with her boyfriend's personality. The unhappy Connor has to deal with Lana's self-obsession while still providing his friend with advice and support.

The performance is made even more satisfying by the ample amount of audience participation, one memorable scene having Connor's friend Max drinking gin with someone on the front row. The characterisation is realistic while still remaining very funny, though a couple of moments were so depressingly bleak that the audience didn't seem to know whether they should laugh or cry. Indeed, generally the cast did not shy away from confronting taboo: masturbation and sexual consent were both considered thoughtfully.

Overall this is an immensely satisfying piece of theatre. With just the right blend of comedy and jarringly emotional showdowns, Loving Dick seems a wholly appropriate title for a show of this calibre.

Reviews by Andrea Valentino


The Blurb

What is sex? Connor, unambitious teacher, Lana, opinionated European expat, and Max, laddish teaching assistant, all have different answers. Add to the equation mysterious Dick and all bets are off... A slice-of-life comedy with a darker underbelly.