Lords of Strut

Feast your eyes on this spectacle of spandex, technicolour zebra print and super-sized smiles as these charismatic clowns prance and pose for you in the cheekily titled Sell Out Tour.

This show is a festival of outrageous costumes, precarious circus stunts, merciless melodrama and transparent product placement. George Michael would wince to witness this. Famous Seamus and Seantastic are two Irish brothers bound in the pursuit of fame and glory, trying their best to get through the performance despite Sean’s mischievous antics, thick-headedness and short attention span and Seamus’s barely-contained fury. If Derek Zoolander stripped down to the bare essentials and became an acrobat this would be it.

Laughs come easily as the two drive each other crazy vying for female attention, one-upping each other and delivering more than one cheesy dance routine. I could not have conceived of a plot that could allow so many costume changes; each new item more garish and skimpier than the last. You may get more than you bargained for if you’re sitting close to the front during some of the stunts. The duo dedicate a good portion of the show to peddling their hilarious man beauty products which are liberally applied both to each other and hapless audience members. A homo-erotic scene involving KY jelly and slow motion dance moves will remain seared onto the back of my retinas for some time.

It was refreshing to see a comedy circus show with so much character development and plot. Many circus shows often only employ these as a flimsy justification to get from one stunt to the next. Still, a little more character development couldn’t hurt; the amount of time Seamus spent yelling at his poor brother grew a little tiresome. But these small niggles are easily forgiven in the face of so much glitz and charm. You can’t walk away feeling down after such a celebration of tacky 80’s glamour cliches.

Get along to this spectacular showcase of a lycra wonderland. You’ll not regret it.

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

Two brothers with a passion for dance and a dream to be the greatest celebrities the world has ever seen! Florescent hi-tops, spandex unitards and gravity defying acrobatics all to a soundtrack of guilty pleasures.