Lords of Strut: Late Night TV Talk Show

Lords of Strut is hands-down the most fun I’ve had at Fringe this year. From the very start of this sketch narrative show, straight through to the finish, Lords of Strut had me laughing my ass off in total awe.

Lords of Strut is offensive, fantastic, and absurdly brilliant

Throughout the show they have an incredible energy and fantastic chemistry. The dancing is completely jaw-dropping, able to keep anyone on the edge of their seat in disbelief. And it’s amazing what the performers manage to fit into an hour. So many goofball gags. So many fantastic jokes. So many ridiculous songs. These guys perform in a way that is so ‘out there’ that it feels almost like British panto at times (minus the custard and horses). It’ll knock your socks right off.

The ‘plot’ of the show - though it hardly needs one - is the hilarious feud between two Irish brothers, Sean and Seamas, which is all ‘happening on live television’. What came next was far more bold than I had thought possible. These guys are unbelievably talented. They pump out totally wild, over the top, maximalist humor -- like something you’d see in films like Borat. Maybe you think this isn’t your kind of humor. Give it a try. Believe me, you’ll be impressed.

This is an hour of comedy that is so hilarious and outrageous (especially toward the end of the show), that you’ll be falling out of your chair laughing. Lords of Strut is offensive, fantastic, and absurdly brilliant. A full 5 stars, no doubt. This is prime entertainment. You will be sorrowly disappointed if you don’t make it to Lords of Strut this Fringe.

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The Blurb

The action-packed talk show that's all talk and no action. A fantastical hour of slapstick mayhem in the guise of a TV talk show. The talented but idiotic brothers Seamus and Sean's dream has come true; the dream to host their own TV show. It all goes terribly wrong and hilariously right! Through the disaster and tornado of laughs, watch a thrilling soap opera into the absurd: talking rocks, stupid gags, audience participation and dance routines so flash it could be the 80s! 'An hour of belly laughs' **** (Irish Times).