LJ Da Funk in... When will these fascist bastards all be lined up and f**king shot?
  • West End

Trump. May. Farage. Milo Yianniplopadopadous. Internet Twats. Ed Sheeran. Mary Berry. Your mum. The over 65s. Northerners. Noel Edmonds. West Country yokels. The woman who put the cat in the bin. Welsh halfwits. Cleopatra comin' atcha. Michael Gove. Siegfried and Roy. Katie Hopkins. Michael McIntyre. Godfrey Bloom and the filthy fridge sluts. People who live in Thames estuary towns that purport to be on the sea but are actually on a big river. Nick Fucking Knowles. The Pope. Kylie. Join lefty libtard snowflake saviour of mankind LJ DA FUNK as he fists those fascist f**kers in the face! "There's a fine line between genius and insanity. LJ DA FUNK has crossed that line and kicked it to death" - The List "Relished every minute of it, an infectiously enjoyable quality." - Steve Bennett (Chortle)