Living Between Lies
  • London Fringe

Living Between Lies is a one hour comedy drama telling the story about four women living in London who all struggle with loneliness, isolation, self-deception and how women in particular cope with these issues " to varying degrees of success.

Lindsey moved to London to work on her dream project. It sort of took over, it sort of became her baby... and shes not going to let anyone or anything come between her and her baby.

Alice has the most wonderful life together with Harry - the love of her life and her future husband. He is so perfect shes willing to sacrifice her career for him and their wonderful future together. But suddenly hes not around much and hes working late all the time... But everythings wonderful, according to Alice.

Kim might have a small drug problem, she can quit whenever she wants. She meets a strange Irish woman, Laura, in a hospital who promises to write her a prescription if she divulges her secrets. But Laura tells some strange stories, suggesting that her relationship with the truth might be as strained as her relationship with her husband.

Underfoot Theatre is a London based company made up of four women from diverse backgrounds who came together, after graduating from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, with a shared passion for devising and the creation of new work with a particular emphasis on the female voice.